See The World (Single)

A high-flying statement! Ogris Debris are beating their wings again, soaring up to unforeseen heights! 

With their brandnew single the Power-Duo calls for their listeners to „See The World“ from a new perspective. All the while they are humming like a bird back and forth from cloud „clubmusic“ to cloud „pop“ – effortlessly having a breeze, and without losing their footing. 

Ogris Debris are showing their trademark strengths once more, combining catchy hooklines with powerful, dance inducing rhyhtms and unique sounddesign. Their tracks are full of innovation and individuality. That’s the certain something that makes them stand out of the crowd of run-of-the-mill dance productions. Acting in the 
spirit of artists like doP or Nôze, even Queen, Frank Zappa or Pharrell Williams. 

Two great remixes by Iron Curtis and salute add new genre-specific aspects, completing this thrilling release. But this is only the beginning! Ogris Debris are readying their eagerly awaited debut-album with the promising and telling title „Constant Spring“.

Released November 27, 2015 

Written, recorded and produced by Ogris Debris 
Mastered by Paul Movahedi 
Artwork by Leo Lass ( 
Cat: DIGAFF 005